Love Tales from the Camino

540 miles of research into matters of the heart

…Get Up in the Morning


Five things: 1). It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…2) I already fell down basement stairs yesterday so hopefully the “bumped” part of the rhyme is checked off and over, 3) my imperfect teeth fit in better in Europe, 4) “Brook, you are welcome in Basque country any time”…I’ve grown fond of it so quickly. 5) Off to see if it’s even possible to get a laden bike up the mountain in this rain. “She’s a very particular mountain,” they say. “You can always try and then just come back down if it doesn’t work.”






3 thoughts on “…Get Up in the Morning

  1. Particular mountains are the best

  2. So what’s a little rain? Good excuse to stay dry perhaps….

  3. Such a beautiful town. Your heart is open to it all, the unfolding has begun.

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