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20 days down, 20 to go…

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Two days in one place is a long time in Camino time…We’re in Portomarin today resting and filming. The view of the river is home for a 24 hr stretch. If I see someone more than once, I feel a bond. I ran into Enrico 4 times and he was practically family. He’s in Santiago now after a terrible finger injury and a trip to the hospital. Go Enrico! He made it! We have to wait for the translation from Italian to find out what he shared with us about love.

Timothy and my bike are the only constants. Our panniers grew to “home” status in our hearts sometime last week. A Scottish/Australian woman said she feels her husband loving her every day she is away from home, like he’s walking right beside her. Wow. She also highlighted her German friend who was working through the pain of wounded feet. Her whole face lit up like fireworks every time she got a call from her husband. Both had been married for decades. They were still completely in love.

I had a rough morning the other day. Just couldn’t take the ground moving under my feet every second. My nesting self wanted home, stillness, a lasting love, a couch, a beach day. My friends. Even the pieces that are missing felt bigger and heavier. Heavier than all the film equipment on my bike as I push myself to grind against the uphill. Just when I felt like I didn’t have it in me anymore, a Frenchman helped me with my bike on a crazy rocky incline and I reached the top. There, we ran into a group of Spanish firemen from Andalucia who we’d interviewed on Cruz de Ferro. I LOVE downhills and we all got to ride the trail together. They even had me lead the pack through an awesome stretch of speed and rocks. By the time I reached the bottom, my heart was light and my body ready for more.

The next day Timothy and I found a mountaintop hamlet with a hammock and birds singing over the hills and pilgrims washing clothes in the syrupy sunlight. Everyone was at peace. Thank you, Marcadoiro. You were home for a couple of luxurious hours before a scenic ride down to the river basin.

After donkeys, stretching, blisters, bonding and bucolic pastures, we are only a couple days from Santiago. Then Finisterre and Timothy flies home while I go to Portugal. Bring on the love folks! We’re ready to hear what you have to share.


























One thought on “20 days down, 20 to go…

  1. Amazing journey, feelings from the heart and soul.let me know if I can help when you return

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