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So Much to Tell You!


So, the biggest news is that I made it over Col Leopoder on the Napoleon Route from St. Jean. Even after my fall down the stairs and insane wind! It was an epic journey. I met a wonderful person, Sandy from Canada, who sat next to me at dinner (1/3 of the way up in Orisson). I thought to myself, “I definitely want to interview her tomorrow after we make it over the mountain. She is wise.” Well, the wind was so extremely INTENSE, it picked Sandy off the ground and she was airborne heading straight off the mountain. She aimed herself at another pilgrim and fell to the ground when she hit him, breaking her collar bone. I really mean it when I say intense wind! She had to end her Camino there (although I think the 35 days she has off will bring her a unique journey all her own). I interviewed her the next day and was so touched by the way she processed the event.

I also met another incredible woman, who I’ve run into 3 times now! Isabelle was about to do the Camino with her husband, when he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. 2 years after his death, she is walking the Camino with him in spirit. She spoke of love as caring for the rose in the story of Little Prince, the beauty and the thorns. The funny coincidence is that someone shared that very same story with me the week before I left. And then I shared it with someone else the day of my departure. To have the first person I interviewed about love reflect on the Little Prince and the rose and the fox was a delightful synchronicity. How fortunate I am to have met her.

Mostly I am alone during my midday rides. I arrive in the evening to a new town and meet new friends at the restaurants for dinner. The downhill to Zubiri was the most memorable and crazy technical mountain biking I can imagine. I can’t believe I actually made it down the miles of steep, wet, rocky, muddy terrain at that speed! What a thrill! And then we had an incredibly lively discussion about love at dinner that night with a group of wonderfully insightful new friends.

After days of climbs and descents, I am growing tired and a bit homesick. I am eager for Timothy to arrive and ride with me. My neighbor and friend, Larry, will also join us as support, which will be most welcome! The film equipment is heavy and I can’t wait to share the load!!

All messages and comments greatly appreciated! I love hearing from you!














6 thoughts on “So Much to Tell You!

  1. Dear Brook – so happy to hear that you are safe, making so many very special connections. Fly like the wind and remember that the cavalry is on the way to support you. Stay strong and well! Love,

  2. Awesome, been thinking about you, CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Quite the tale! I can see you flying down the mountain feeling free like a bird! The photos are beautiful. Congratulations on making it over and down and with gusto!
    xxxxoooo kathie

  4. Wow! Brook!!!!! Thanks for the Facebook invite! I’m so filled with love and excitement for you on this epic journey!!!

  5. Brook! I’m so jealous of your journey. My wife and I have just been talking about doing the Camino. Love the pictures. Bien Camino!

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